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"After just 30 minutes
with Pat I increased
my optin rate by 492%"


"With Pat's secrets I launched my womens networking group to over 500 members with over 160 people registered for our very first event in just over 2 months on a ZERO budget. On top of that in the same period I was interviewed on a live radio-show and by 2 newspapers.

I doubt you will find a better marketing expert in Europe than
Patrick Powers and he is totally committed to your results."

"Views on my FB page went from 17 per week to about 1,000 per week with a few of Pat's Secrets"


 Each time I have received a 'FREE' session of any kind from other businesses in the past, they have essentially been sales calls...they ask you lots of questions, feed back to you what you need and then tell you what they can do for you.

NOT so with Patrick. He absolutely did the first 2 things, asked me lots of questions and clarified what it was that I needed. Now, here's the best bit...He ACTUALLY helped me. He solved 2 of my problems for me within the 30 mins!!

He then went on to give me more advice on how I can improve on those 2 points and finished the coaching session by letting me know what else he can do for me by way of other services that he offers. Classily done and he has definitely earned my trust. Thank you again Patrick!"